Annunciator Panel

We manufacture efficient annunciator panels from qualitative raw material. Our experienced technocrats have in depth knowledge of the industry, thus manufacture the products accordingly. Our custom made Annunciator Panel is an advanced panel that allows complete alarming, notification, event recording, reporting, and communication. Alarm monitoring capabilities of 4 to 1000 windows can be independently programmed to alarm through contact inputs or communications. Our panel is designed to read and acknowledge alarms locally or remotely.

Attributes :
  • Remote controlled
  • Used in control rooms and helps in identifying the fault
  • Available with lamps
  • Indicates the position of a breaker-on-off and the spring charge
  • Indicates trip on fault
  • Available with a push buttons for alarm accept and reset
  • A buzzer id available for DC failure

Applications :
  • Pump automation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote monitoring for building facilities management,
  • Status monitoring & intelligent control of AC plants
  • Power houses